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Do this by taking 100 and dividing it by the informative post line of the favorite. For example, take a four-team parlay with two favorites of -140 and -220, and two underdogs of +250 and +180. If many people bet on the Lakers to win game 3, the bookies will adjust the odds to entice other people to bet on the Heat for a larger payout. The players have a crucial role when it comes to betting lines.

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In this episode I show you how to bet BIG money line favorites. Many [link] people like to parlay these together and that’s not the wise way to bet. For example, you might have a bet on the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers all to win on the Point Spread in one round of matches. The first three of those teams might oblige, but should the Steelers fail to do so, the entire parlay is now a lost bet. Office pools and other types of betting on the Super Bowl outside of legal sportsbooks are technically against the law.

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If the home favorite is at -140 on the moneyline, then you would expect it to be at about -1.5 +150 on the runline. If it is significantly different than that, then there is something going on worth checking out. If you want to bet sides in baseball, you have two options – the moneyline or the runline . It is a very straightforward choice if you understand them , and it makes baseball betting fairly approachable. For some reason, though, people often struggle to know the difference between the two and, more importantly, when using one or the other makes the most sense.

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While the spread would generally move as well, what you see move tends to be the spread itself as opposed to the odds. With the moneyline, as the market sways the odds your potential payout sways as well. The general public can hammer a specific side which causes the line to move to a more favorable value for the opposite team. Sometimes oddsmakers may learn of some insider information ahead of everyone else and adjust the line accordingly.

Which Is Better; Spread Or Moneyline?

If a team is slipping down the power rankings week-over-week but remains a consistent favorite at the sportsbooks, their opponents can be good bets. If a team jumps out to a big early lead, the run line could reflect the gap at 3.5 or 4.5. It can also be fun, albeit risky, to put a small-unit wager on the moneyline of an underdog trailing by four or five runs in hope of a comeback and a big payday. Daily odds will be posted below just prior to the start of the 2022 baseball season. Figuring out the payouts is where decimal odds can get tricky, but you’ll soon learn a little trick that will make these very easy to understand.

How Moneyline Betting Works

The first column indicates what’s called a rotation number. A rotation number helps you quickly identify the bet you’re looking for, especially when there are hundreds to pick from. If the spread is -3 for the Bears, that means it is +3 for the Vikings. Here in this moneyline example for the NBA, the Lakers are matching up with the Heat. Miami has been set in the role of the betting favorite, going off at -200 on the betting line. So if you were to wager $200 on Miami, as $100 profit is returned if the bet is won.

Each sport and game has a matchup edge and it’s up to you as the bettor to try to exploit it. We will detail below some of the key aspects of a matchup that all bettors should research, and explain why they’re important to the outcome of a moneyline wager. The amount you bet is completely up to you but this method makes it easier to track, especially for recreational sports bettors, because bankroll management is essential for long-term success. The number with the minus sign (-) signifies what you’d have to bet to win $100 while the number with the plus sign (+) is what you’d win if you bet $100. A winning bet would give you a payout of $180 – your $100 comes back along with your winnings of $80. On the other hand, if you were to bet that same $100 on the Chiefs and they won, you’d get a payout of $250 – your original wager comes back along with your prize of $150.